I have been a massage therapist for over 18 years, fascinated to learn with each and every person I work with, engaged in having a better understanding and sense of how we move, feel and sense. This curiosity has driven me to study many different techniques, as massage therapy, thai massage, myofascial release and currently, the Feldenkrais Method and I keep continuously learning and studying about different topics that influence my work and how I walk life.

I love working together with my clients in a way that not only we can solve painful patterns and release tensions, but where they can also gain awareness, knowledge and better sensing of their own bodies and habits, obtaining not only changes in their physical selves but also tools and deeper inner trust so they can get involved in their own well-being.

I work in a trauma-informed manner, it’s my honor and responsibility to create a space where my clients can feel safe to explore and let go of what no longer is needed in the way they use themselves. I truly enjoy this opportunity to work together with them and share a sense of curiosity, hope, ease, confidence, and understanding.

I am queer and trans-friendly, having educated myself on how to create a safe space by not making it about me, but respecting your own process, boundaries and experience. 

I’m have been training in Instituto Feldenkrais in Madrid, Spain and in Berlin, also got my certifications for Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, Massage Therapy around the globe.

Please contact me if you have any questions, feel like you would like to make an exchange or if you are interested in receiving mentoring to broaden your expertise.

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