I combine many different techniques in order to have a complete approach to how your posture is constrained or not efficient, working on changing the patterns that are limiting and causing pain, discomfort, creating a healthier and freer overall sensation.

I recommend that you book a 90 min session for the first time.
This way we can do a proper assessment and treatment of your necessities, getting to know each other and creating grounds for a deep change.

Of course.

My approach, apart from being very respectful and aware with you, does not focus solely on the area where you have a problem but with your whole body.

This is particularly important when having an acute pain, since we do not want to further irritate an area. Instead I would focus the attention on all the other parts of yourself that contribute or relate with this condition, creating space and ease so the healing process can be improved.

Yes, please contact me if this is the case and we can discuss a way where we can adjust your treatment to the financial situation you may be facing.

Painful conditions are complex, they normally do not appear from a single event, even though sometimes it may look like it, so focusing on a treatment plan that will provide you with real transformation is always advised.

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