Integrative Bodywork

This approach of working is a result from many years of working, questioning my methods, learning, being inspired by other professionals and being always curious, which means that it will keep evolving in each and every session I perform.

I find it very interesting and important to come to a session with questions and non judgmental observation, in order to apply the tools that every person needs for feeling better.

I apply myofascial release work together with somatic education, so not only I am having my focus on relieving tension and painful patterns in our soft tissue, this way we can also incorporate change and improvement in function so the cycle can be transformed.

Sessions are tailored and adapted to each person and how they feel in the present moment, some people need a kind of firmer work in a given moment in order to be able to feel themselves, others need more delicate and slow approaches so we do not overstimulate an irritated system and maybe another time somebody prefer to work on subtle and refined ways of exploring their “physical” body.

Another important aspect to consider  is the connection and relationships within the whole system, not only thinking just about structure, like how the use our feet can influence the movement of the neck; but also paying special attention to function, for instance, how our breathing style can influence the tonus of the back.

The process is conducted in a safe and conscious manner, respecting consent and individual processes and states.

Each session is a whole process of non judgmental investigation and discovery, interesting, huh?

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